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Remember way back in the dry sunny says of summer when I mentioned our native apple tree and the little green apples which were still as sour as lemons?  Well, those days are over.  The rain is here again (in truth it didn’t stay away very long) and so is our apple harvest.

Native Irish Apples

Native Irish Apples

We’ve had a good crop of apples this year - considering it is only our third harvest -a whole bowl full of apples from one tree. These are native Irish apples from Irish Seedsavers. They look and taste just like apples I remember from my childhood, not very sweet, but tasty all the same. And likely to induce itchy hives if you eat too many!

This year I decided to try baking with the apples because unlike me, my kids have grown up eating sweeter shop-bought apples so they are not so keen on eating our own garden-grown variety. And do you know what? These apples are perfect for baking, they hold their shape well and taste delicious with a little bit of sugar.


I bought the tree because the apples are supposed to be best suited for eating, not cooking.  Looks like I have multi-functional apples on my hands.  All the better for me!