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The very English looking Bea’s Tea Rooms

During August, the young emeralds and I took to our car for a two-week road trip to Britain. It was a bit of a whistle-stop tour as we visited lots of different locations. And what do we consider is the jewel of our entire trip? The stunningly beautiful city of Bath in Somerset of course.  If you haven’t been, then I can only say put it on your bucketlist.


The Roman Baths

One of the main attractions in the city is the Roman Baths - a historic site based around hot springs which the Romans thought had healing powers. We visited the baths at 7pm one evening and so managed to avoid the crowds that queue up during late morning and afternoon in summertime. 13yo and I listened to the general guided tour provided for visitors on a handheld device, whilst 9yo chose to listen to the children’s tour.


Listening intently to the children’s tour of the Roman Baths

Both were very interesting and 9yo came away with lots of interesting facts which are not covered on the ‘grown-up’ tour. (Romans didn’t wear swimming costumes and so went swimming in the “nudie”, who knew?).

We also got to taste the water coming from the springs – no, not that green tinted water in the picture below – the drinking version is piped into the visitor centre. For the record, it is tepid with a very slight sulphur smell and a hint of mineral-ish taste.

The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths. The green tint is due to algae in the water. This building had a roof in Roman times but is now open to sunlight resulting in green water and no bathing!

Other than the Roman Baths, the city of Bath has lots to see and do.  The architecture of the city is amazing and because it is situated on a hilly site, there are wonderful views at various points around the city. The city has a great selection of shops, and a huge variety of restaurants. All in a city which is very walkable.

The Circus, Bath.  Can you spot the hot air balloon?

The Circus, Bath. Can you spot the hot air balloon?



We stayed in the Queensberry Hotel which has been converted from three terraced Georgian (I think) townhouses. It is now one quirky beautiful hotel.  The emeralds loved the fact that there were lots of stairs going in different directions!

The hotel’s location is very central – we were only a short walk from the city centre.  We got plenty of tourist information from the hotel staff who could not have been more helpful and even provide valet parking.  The rooms are laid out in a traditional style with a modern twist, and lovely comfortable beds – badly needed after all that walking and sightseeing!  We really enjoyed our stay at the Queensberry and can recommend it if you are in the area.


A view walking back to the Queensberry Hotel from Bath city centre.

During our stay we also visited Longleat Safari & Adventure Park which is a short distance away. And though they enjoyed Longleat, my kids say that the city of Bath was their favourite place during our holiday. Mine too!