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Cameron Diaz in "My Best Friend's Wedding"

Cameron Diaz in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”

Do you know that scene in the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding” where Cameron Diaz sings disastrously at a Karaoke bar? Well folks, I have a confession to make. I would make her sound wonderful.

You see, I am tone-deaf. I can hear music and I do really enjoy music, but the individual notes mean nothing to me because I cannot repeat a note I hear and I cannot sing. Ok, I can sing, but it is definitely not a sound that man or beast should hear. So I only sing when I am totally alone (well sometimes the kids have to listen but its a small price to pay for my mothering services!)

Thankfully, my girls have not inherited my dismal musical abilities.  Which is a good thing seeing as though we live in musical Co. Clare.  It seems everyone here plays several instruments and sings majestically too.  Nobody bats an eyelid at a 10-year-old being able to play the harp, fiddle, and piano because “everyone at school plays lots of instruments”.  My girls only play the piano and tin whistle. They would play many more instruments if I had time to chauffeur them to endless music lessons.

DD1's happy fingers at the piano.

DD1′s happy fingers at the piano.

DD2 asked Santa for a guitar two years ago.  (Yes, she wants guitar lessons too, and accordion lessons if I will only agree.) Anyway, that jolly old man answered her request and delivered a half-size guitar for her. A red one of course, seeing as though it was Christmas.

The guitar wasn’t in tune.  Not that I noticed.

My brother did though and he tuned it for her. Unfortunately, she didn’t like the tuned sound and asked him to un-tune it back to how it was. It gave my family a great laugh that she preferred it that way. It gave everyone an even bigger laugh when I admitted that both ways sounded exactly the same to me!

Since then DD2 has joined her sister at music lessons. Not only do they both now know if an instrument is, or isn’t, in tune but they like writing their own music too.

Now that is music to my tone-deaf ears!