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Scattery Island, Co Clare, Ireland

Oh its that crazy time of year again when I feel the need to shout “Stop!” to the world.

This is last term of the academic year, when my kids arrive home with almost daily notes advising us of field trips, school tours, football tournaments, hurling matches and end of term shows.  The list is apparently endless.  Teachers have been concentrating on school work up until now.  This is their time to break free,  leave the classroom, and break this mothers heart. (Only joking teachers! You’re doing a great job.)

Our May calendar now looks like we are hosting all the meetings of the United Nations in one one go. Firstly we’ve got DD1’s birthday this month – a very important event of course.  Other than that we’re almost fully booked for the whole month and some days have clashing events.  One particular Thursday evening, I will have two daughters performing in two different locations at the same time.  Not to mention those days when they are both on school trips so I need to remember to pack their bags accordingly –  they will need packed lunches, raincoats and sunscreen (this is Ireland after all) and a little bit of pocket money to buy souvenirs.

Add their busy schedule to my work schedule and there’s not much time left for anything else.  And we haven’t even got started on our June calendar yet.

On the plus side, both my girls are taking trips to the Burren this month and I think the Burren is a fantastic place – a strange lunar landscape right here on the west coast of Ireland.  I promise I will do a post on it some day soon.

But for now, knowing what is ahead this month, I really need some quiet, some me time. Without any little excited body handing me a note saying “We’re going on a trip and I need some pocket money!”.  And no calendar to consult.

Just a quiet spot to sit, have a coffee and do nothing for a little while.

A Quiet Seat at Scattery Island, Co Clare, Ireland