I wasn’t planning on adding any music to this blog even though I love listening to music.  But I really love this song.  I find it very uplifting for some reason.

I love to hear people’s reactions to this singer – both his voice and appearance.  If you haven’t heard of Maverick Sabre, then just click play on the video, listen to this song but cover your eyes and don’t watch the video initially.  My bet is he doesn’t look anything like the picture you will have in your head.  Don’t read any further now until you’ve heard the song.

So, what did you think?

For the record, Maverick Sabre is his stage name and he is in his early 20s, of Irish parents, born in London. He grew up in both London and Ireland.  Now, I bet you didn’t think that voice came from a young white London Irish guy, did you?